Will Interest Rates Ever Rise?

The deputy governor of the Bank of England has stated that the bank should not be tempted to increase interest rates due to “imponderables” within the UK economy. The comments from Ben Broadbent, an ally of the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), were published in an interview in mid-July and have suggested that any chance of borrowing costs rising soon are incredibly slim.

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June was a fairly quiet month!

Well, apart from the chaotic General Election in the UK. Oh – and the decisive win for Emmanuel Macron in the French parliamentary elections. And the start of the Brexit negotiations. And Italy was forced to bail out two more banks. President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement – and in Brazil, President Michel Temer was accused of corruption – the first sitting President in Latin America’s largest country to face criminal charges. Anything else? Just another global ransomware attack… Continue reading

What’s happening with DB pension schemes?

Defined benefit (DB) pension schemes continue to be a hot topic in the business and financial worlds as an increasing number of people seek to transfer their pensions from a DB scheme. Recent figures suggest that more than four out of five (83%) of financial advisers in the UK have seen an increased demand for such transfers over the last twelve months, with over half (54%) describing it as a ‘significant increase’. Additionally, 71% of UK advisers said they expected the demand to increase further over the coming year. Continue reading

Financial Market News

It’s a tricky time just now on the financial markets, and what you are seeing in the news is not necessarily being played out in the model portfolios or the strategy funds. I think one of the main
reasons for this is that the US market is probably the only area that is moving forwards. The fixed income sector has had a good run since the summer, but even this is down over the last couple of months. In all fairness it should be, because some of the fixed income funds in our portfolios were up around 12% earlier this year. Fixed income should not behave like this.


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Mid Summer Update

Normally during the summer months not a lot happens on the financial markets. But what a few months we have had. And it all seemed to have started just after the UK referendum result at the end of June, as I am sure you will have noticed. I have had this discussion with several clients already, and I will reiterate it, I am fairly convinced that the global financial markets have not reacted the way they have just because the UK has decided to leave the EU. There is more going on than just this. Although, as we are now seeing there are several companies and bodies talking completely differently about the UK’s impending departure of the EU in a more positive perspective. And this will have helped the financial markets, certainly here in the UK and in Europe.

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Simple Solutions: Your perfect team for financial advice in Warrington

It won’t have escaped your attention that the Euro 2016 Championships are well underway! Regardless of who you support, having the right team in place is vital for good performance and the same is definitely true of your financial advisers.

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SSFM’s view on Brexit and the Referendum

I don’t know about you but I am already fed up with all these politicians ‘banging on’ about the repercussions of the referendum at the end of this month. Personally I have never seen anything so important that I am being asked to make a decision on, but nobody can give a straight answer. I suspect that is because nobody actually knows the answers.

I have asked many people the question – in or out, over the last few months, and I have to say I think it is about 2/3rds of people telling me out. I find it strange then, when I watch TV and they are telling us that the remain in campaign is well ahead in the opinion polls. But we all know how good the opinion polls were on 6th May 2015 at the general election don’t we?

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