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Active financial management by Simple Solutions

The way that we manage our clients’ investment portfolios is unique to Simple Solutions; our model portfolios mean that we’re proactive in everything we do. Our portfolios benefit from high level active fund management and provide some of the best investment solutions available in today’s market place.

Carrying out detailed research on financial markets and the vast number of investment funds available, we construct a range of model portfolios which allow us to continually monitor investment performance and improve the services we offer.

Portfolio adjustments when they’re needed

The results produced by our fund analysis dictate the adjustments we make to client portfolios. Rather than wait until the end of the year to review past performance, we do so regularly and we’ll update you each time we make an adjustment so you always know the status of your investments.

All of our funds are selected and monitored in-house. We use the whole fund universe including investment trusts when selecting our funds. This means that we remain in control of decision-making and can actively track funds to ensure that they’re performing well.

Our unique approach enables us to choose the best funds for each asset class and bring them together, forming a bespoke product that’s right for you.

Management throughout the year

Simple Solutions’ model portfolios are rigorously tested three times a year against peer funds and financial benchmarks. Our investment into fund research software allows us to monitor fund performance and analyse risk ratings of our portfolios. The filtering technique that we adopt ensures that our portfolios consistently deliver top-quartile funds.

Managing your risk

Every client’s approach to risk is different and we work with you to ensure that our investment management satisfies your individual needs.

How comfortable you are with risk-taking will depend on many factors, and this may change and diversify during the course of an investment. For example, your age or the length of time you have to build your savings may dictate how risky your chosen investments will be; those with less time to save are likely to want to take a safer route. Whether you are a cautious investor or take a more aggressive approach will also determine how we manage your portfolio.

Tailored solutions

Simple Solutions works with you to understand your attitude to risk as well as your financial goals, delivering advice and services which pair the two. We will guide you as to the most suitable investments for your needs, assessing your capacity for loss in the event that a risky investment doesn’t perform.

Having developed a risk profile for you, we will invest funds into a risk-rated portfolio:

For clients who wish to take an income or invest in ethical funds, we can offer specialist portfolios to suit your requirements.

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