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World Stock Markets

Given all the uncertainty, how have the world’s major stock markets performed in the first eight months of the year? By and large, the answer is ‘well’. The UK’s FTSE-100 index of leading shares opened the year at 7,143 and closed August at 7,431: that is a modest gain of 4% but given all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, a gain nevertheless. The two major European indices, Germany and France, are both up by 5%, whilst in America the Dow Jones index is up by 11% at 21,948. The Dow clearly likes what it sees of President Trump’s economic policies. Continue reading

FTSE 100 at an all-time High

I have read a lot of market commentary recently which has focused on the FTSE 100 price index surpassing its December 1999, which has ultimately prompted people to question if it is sustainable. When assets rise or fall – as we have seen recently with the oil price, it leads people to question if the asset can carry on rising or falling. With the FTSE 100 index people will question the lofty heights for the wrong reasons.

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