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What might be in the Autumn Budget?

In normal years, the Autumn Budget (formerly the Autumn Statement) is announced in November. However, with less than 6 months left on the countdown to Brexit, this year is far from a normal year.

At the end of September, Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed that the Autumn Budget would be released on 29 October which is also, unusually, a Monday – traditionally budgets are announced on a Wednesday. Since the Wednesday would’ve been Halloween, perhaps the Chancellor moved the budget forward by two days to avoid a potential Budget horror show. Continue reading


This time last year we produced our first End of Summer Review. We described it as a ‘reflection on some key events over the last few months’: would they, we wondered, ‘give us an idea of what might happen in the run up to Christmas?’

First of all, let’s reflect on what the world looked like 12 months ago. Continue reading

Can Theresa May survive?

On March 29th, Theresa May – having long repeated the mantra that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ – triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and gave two years’ notice of Britain’s intention to leave the EU. At the time, her approval ratings could not have been higher and the temptation to call a General Election – and to have her own mandate – eventually proved too much. The contrast between May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could not have been greater and Conservative strategists framed the election as a personality contest: Theresa May’s cabinet and Theresa May’s local candidates against Corbyn and his hopelessly outdated plans to tour the country speaking to people. Continue reading