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Update on state pensions: essential reading for the under 50’s

Recent changes announced by the government to the state pension will result in nearly six million people currently in their forties having to wait longer until they can retire. It’s a development which has raised concerns over the dependability of the state pension, which for many makes up the lion’s share of their retirement income and is the most valuable state-funded perk for even more people. Continue reading

June was a fairly quiet month!

Well, apart from the chaotic General Election in the UK. Oh – and the decisive win for Emmanuel Macron in the French parliamentary elections. And the start of the Brexit negotiations. And Italy was forced to bail out two more banks. President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement – and in Brazil, President Michel Temer was accused of corruption – the first sitting President in Latin America’s largest country to face criminal charges. Anything else? Just another global ransomware attack… Continue reading

Simple Solutions: Your perfect team for financial advice in Warrington

It won’t have escaped your attention that the Euro 2016 Championships are well underway! Regardless of who you support, having the right team in place is vital for good performance and the same is definitely true of your financial advisers.

Continue reading