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What is a defined benefit pension?

A defined benefit (“DB”) pension guarantees a certain level of income each year during retirement which will continue for the rest of your life.

It may sound like an attractive prospect but for some a personal pension, or lump sum, is the preferred option.

This might be the case if you require more financial flexibility during retirement, wishing to take large sums from your fund one year and none the next.

You may have a particularly lower than average life expectancy and are unmarried, in which case a defined benefit pension would be of little use as it cannot be inherited by anyone other than your spouse. They will usually receive around 50% of the income you were promised.

DB pension transfer advice from Warrington’s Simple Solutions

If you are considering a DB pension transfer or are unsure of what to do, our trusted team at Simple Solutions offers defined benefit pension transfer advice in Warrington and surrounding areas to ensure you understand the choices available to you.

Our service includes an assessment of your circumstances and evaluation of the scheme offered to determine whether we would advise a DB pension transfer.

We will also analyse the pros and cons of a DB pension transfer to give you a clear picture of how it would affect your financial future. These include calculating the investment growth required to guarantee an equivalent income, plus the effects on cashflow and household finances.

Following a DB pension transfer, we will fully support and manage any subsequent investments.

Let us help you realise your retirement goals with defined benefit pension transfer advice, for clients in Warrington and surrounding areas.

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For several years Don has provided a first class service to me, my business and my family. His advice has always been balanced and unambiguous. He always responds to our calls and is happy to meet outside office hours.

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Thanks to them we had sufficient money to help our son when he really needed it, as well as being able to undertake home improvements. In short we are much better off than we would have been had we been managing our own finances.

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The technology that Simple Solutions offer is really easy to understand, and gives me information and data on what is happening with my investments within seconds which is what I need for my busy lifestyle. I couldn't thank the team enough.

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