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Financial planning to realise your goals

Meeting your needs

We believe that financial advice should be simple and straightforward. We work with clients to put a together a solution which meets your needs and achieves your retirement and investment goals.

Our team helps clients to develop strategies to allow you to accumulate wealth and develop a spending program for you in later life.

Our financial management process

Every client is different and we tailor our approach to suit you. However, you can always expect us to:

Our investment portfolio

Our investment portfolios consist of a range of top performing funds covering many asset classes, typically including equities (shares), fixed income (sometimes referred to as bonds), property and cash.

We also select funds invested in geographic regions outside the UK, such as those in Europe, USA, the Far East and emerging market economies. This allows us to spread risk and reduce volatility whilst always aiming to maximise returns.

The Simple Solutions client website is very secure as it has multi layered password access including a random access selection of a second password to gain access to the TPI platform which holds client personal and financial information. This type of system security is vital and is so effective that it is used by some of the most security conscious organisations in the finance industry."

David Kershaw

Active financial management

Portfolios are actively managed by our Investment Process team, which meets periodically throughout the year to review funds in each asset class and, where appropriate, make strategic decisions to alter funds.

Any changes to portfolios are communicated to our clients via their own personal website or secure emails.

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