Independent financial advice or restricted financial advice?

Financial planning to realise your goals

What’s the difference?

Independent financial advice:

We here at SSFM offer an Independent advice service. This means that we will recommend investments based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market. We will place no restrictions on the Investment Markets we will consider before providing investment recommendations, unless you instruct us otherwise. We will however only make a recommendation when we know it is suitable for you.

Restricted financial advice:

Describes a firm that only offers advice on limited types of products, or products from one company or a limited number of companies.

Investments and pensions specialists

We specialise in planning investments and pensions for clients both locally and further afield. Investment and pension business can be held on our True Potential platform, or can be invested off-platform where we believe this is the best solution for our client.

We also regularly advise clients on other aspects of financial planning, such as inheritance tax and financial protection.

Whilst we don’t offer services relating to mortgages and equity release, savings accounts or Wills, we have plenty of industry connections and will be pleased to introduce you to an appropriate specialist.

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