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Managing My Money

True Potential, the developer behind our excellent back office system and platform of choice, is backing the Open University ‘s free ‘Managing My Money’ course, educating learners of any age on money management and investments.

More than ever, people are struggling with debt, household financial management and financial planning for the future.

‘Managing My Money’ will help anyone who feels that they could benefit from a greater understanding of managing their own personal finances, helping them to plan, invest and build for a strong financial future.

The site is very secure, I can view all my investments in one place. Easy to use"

Philip Rose

We at Simple Solutions understand that many people struggle with the ins and outs of money matters, particularly when it comes to planning for the future. ‘Managing My Money’ is a valuable educational tool and a great way to get up to speed, keeping yourself and your family secure. It’s free, easy to access and will get you on the road to saving.

To find out more about the course, visit the Open University here

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