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Why True Potential?

Simple Solutions has invested in the True Potential back office system, a fantastic platform which enables us to manage investments quickly, efficiently, and compliantly.

True Potential allows client portfolios to be monitored completely online, with personalised websites displaying continuously updated, real-time portfolio valuations which can be accessed as often as you need.

Let us take the lead in looking after your investments, freeing up your time to do the things you want to do. The True Potential system provides all of our clients with 24-hour access to information surrounding their investments, with the reassurance that we will constantly monitor your portfolio.

Safe, secure, protected

All documents are stored within the system securely, together with electronic tax reports for your investments. We no longer need to issue statements or reports in paper form, emailing them to you instead which saves on time and costs.

Still want paper copies? We will be happy to print off your reports and post them to you if you wish.

Managing funds online

Within True Potential, you can access graphs and charts displaying your portfolio information and valuations, as well as data and regularly-updated fund factsheets. Financial goal setting is also managed within the platform.

I have used the True Potential client website on many occasions, much more than I first thought. This is due to its easy access clear layout of each section. I have found the “Impulse save” feature particularly useful. It is a user friendly way of transferring money from other current accounts to my True Potential savings accounts."

Paul Turner


We have added impulseSave, allowing clients to make a contribution from as little as £1 to their investment (for example, into an ISA).

You can choose how much and how often you wish to save, with the value taken immediately by debit from your bank account. Stocks and shares ISAs can be topped up at tax year end without any involvement from your financial adviser, resulting in a real cost saving for our clients.

Online management on the move

Responsive apps are available for mobile and tablet devices which enable you to access up-to-date fund valuations wherever you are. Information is securely encrypted, including the web messaging service which we use to communicate with clients when reviewing and rebalancing portfolios throughout the year.

Client login area

Clicking on the ‘Client Login’ tab at the top of the Home [link to home page] page will open a new window and ask for your login details. You may not have these yet, but at the bottom of the window you will also find a helpful User Guide.

The demo login illustrates how your personal website will look.

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Technology Explained

Your technology

> Click here to download the True Potential App for your mobile or tablet device.

Tech for you - Simple Solutions Simple Solutions support IOS and Android

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impulseSave®, unique to True Potential, is a revolutionary new way for you to help clients top up their investments on-the-go via the web, tablet or mobile device.

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